About us

Formed in 1988, BB&C provides a professional and flexible staffing solution for trade and professional associations. Sharing a vision with elected leaders, BB&C helps associations to realize their goals and to exceed the expectations of their members.

Offering a full range of management services, BB&C staff members bring together a diversity of knowledge and expertise that is otherwise unavailable to many associations. This depth of “real life” (or relevant) experience is shared with all BB&C client associations.

Together with association boards and committees, we form a dynamic team.

Our Team

BB&C provides leadership and support to associations by matching the staff best suited to the client’s mandate and member needs.

The following are short profiles on those of our staff with senior responsibilities with our clients.


Association services ranging from secretariat and governance through to being the spokesperson for your association.

Please feel free to review the full range of the services we offer.