About Us

Formed in 1988, BB&C provides a professional and flexible staffing solution for trade and professional associations. Sharing a vision with elected leaders, BB&C helps associations to realize their goals and to exceed the expectations of their members.

Offering a full range of management services, BB&C staff members bring together a diversity of knowledge and expertise that is otherwise unavailable to many associations. This depth of “real life” (or relevant) experience is shared with all BB&C client associations.

How We Do It

BB&C provides a team of experienced association managers and support staff to work with the volunteer board and committee structure. A BB&C principal or account manager is appointed as the chief staff officer of each client and works with a team of professional staff who are selected to meet the specific mandate of the association. Team members may include full or part time government relations managers, education managers, communications and PR specialists and meeting planners. All staff members have voice mail and email for the client(s) with which they work, and are available to association members and leaders at all times.

Why We Do It

All volunteers have limited time to commit to their association activities. With the BB&C staff team supporting them, volunteers are able to focus on the opportunities and challenges facing their industry or profession. Goals are established by association boards and the execution is then turned over to BB&C staff members who maintain regular dialogue with directors. Continuity is key, with access to a variety of skillsets and experience associations do not lose momentum through staff turnover or find themselves without staff in a critical period. The hiring and training of staff, coupled with shared facilities and equipment are added incentives for an association to join a full service management company.