The BB&C Team

Over the years BB&C has developed a talented team, offering a multitude of skillsets gleaned from a broad base of industries.


M. Curtis


Amanda has a career in association management and is the founding principal of BB&C.

She has experience in the establishment and restructuring of national and provincial associations, by-law preparation and incorporation, and works closely with elected officials to formulate policy, planning and financial objectives. She has been editor of association publications, produced promotional materials and organized trade shows and educational programs.

Amanda is a member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives. She has spoken at numerous conferences and served as president of the International Association of Association Management Companies, now known as the AMC Institute.


Laurie joined BB&C in 1991 and became a partner of the firm in 2005. With extensive experience in public accounting and the not-for-profit sector, she shares responsibility for maintaining open and positive business relationships and serves as finance manager for all BB&C client associations. She is a valuable member of the association team, and in addition to budgeting and the provision of monthly financial reports, Laurie works closely with elected treasurers and staff on investment management, financial analysis and forecasts.

Laurie is directly involved in all facets of planning and financial management for projects such as joint ventures, registration processes for international conferences and delegations, and association mergers and re-structuring. She can also often be seen on-site supporting the BB&C event management team.

Laurie is a member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives

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Chief Operating Officer

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Executive Director/Director of Government Relations

Mary joined BB&C in 2000 and has served as staff lead for the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services since that time. She works closely with staff and directors to develop ACSESS as a leading industry association, and provides comprehensive government relations services representing members interests in jurisdictions across Canada. She has advocated for Ministries of Labour to focus on stricter enforcement mechanisms under respective employment standards legislation and works to promote the value and tremendous benefits of the staffing services industry in Canada.

Mary believes strongly in the opportunity to be heard and is passionate about the rules of procedural fairness in the legislative process. She is committed to advancing the interests of the industry associations across all sectors through advocacy, research, education and the promotion of high standards of legal, ethical and professional practices. Mary is fluently bilingual and is a member of the Quebec Bar Association.

Halyna joined BB&C in 2001. An experienced association executive, Halyna works closely with elected leaders at the board and committee levels, overseeing all aspects of association operations, including governance and planning, event and project management and implementation, marketing and evaluation. She sees her role as helping associations achieve their objectives by providing strong operational support and freeing up volunteer leaders to focus on policy processes and the development of strategies and goals for the future.

Halyna is an accomplished meeting planner and has been team leader for many successful events, including two international conferences held in Vancouver and Toronto respectively, both of which were attended by representatives from over 45 countries. Halyna has been instrumental in the transitioning of client events to the virtual format.

Halyna is a member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives, and holds the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation.

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Senior Association Manager

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Senior Manager & Event Planner

Marie first joined BB&C as office manager, and found her niche in all facets of event planning and trade show management. Marie is open to change and constantly exploring new ideas to add value to an association’s events and services. Her extensive background in sales is also evident in Marie’s successful development of sponsorship programs and membership campaigns.  She serves as executive director of a national association and has worked closely with the Board and external professionals in the development of industry standards.

Marie is a member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives.

Kristy joined BB&C Management Services in 2015 to manage communications for a large provincial association. In this role, she successfully executed strategies to keep members apprised of new government licensing requirements and industry standards that greatly impacted the profession. She currently manages two of BB&C’s newest associations.

Kristy holds a BA in Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University and began her career working in advocacy and education for charitable organizations.

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Association Manager & Communications Specialist


Membership, Education & Communications Manager

Jennifer joined BB&C in 2021. She has a professional background in association support and experience in the areas of membership growth, stakeholder engagement and operations management. Her work with boards and committees, together with successes in the revitalization of branding and performance of annual conferences and events is central to her role within BB&C where she has significant responsibities for a membership development and sustainability program. She has also been staff lead for successful multi-day virtual conferences and in 2022 is assessing risk and opportunities for future in-person events.

Jennifer is an active member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives, holding the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation and recently obtained the Digital Event Strategist (DES) certification from PCMA.

Deanna (BA Hons) joined BB&C Management Services in 2022. Deanna holds a Bachelors in Event Management from the University of Greenwich, and has professional experience in both corporate and public event management. She has a background in traditional and new media production in Europe and North America. Deanna works with association leaders and committees to provide comprehensive membership, communications and event coordination for multiple client associations.

Deanna has a proven ability to work well in a fast-paced environment and readily assists staff and volunteers in the execution of virtual programs, registration development, social media messaging and technology in general.



Membership, Events & Communications Coordinator


Office and Accounting Administrator

Mumtaz joined the BB&C team in 2002 as membership coordinator for a national association with chapters across Canada. Over the years, Mumtaz has welcomed new opportunities and has had a variety of responsibilities including database maintenance and registration coordinator for numerous events.  

Her background in financial administration led her to accept an opening in the BB&C accounting department where she continues to provide services to all clients.